My Mission


     It is my mission in life to live and listen compassionately

    And to embrace life’s moments mindfully

   Recognizing when words are not necessary

    And when quietness brings clarity

   I strive to listen without judgment

    To the stories that people have to tell

  Gaining an understanding 

    Of worldviews unique to selves. 

                I live with kindness and with belief in the equality, acceptance and

  beauty in all

   With laughter, sensitivity and openness

             I look to help others find their power, strengths and authentic selves.

Marnie enjoys working with clients of varying ages including adolescents, young adults, adults and elders. She has experience treating 

eating disorders, including disordered eating, restrictive eating and pre-occupation with food, weight and body, loss of control eating, mindless eating, emotional eating, and body image difficulties.  Marnie also has expertise in the treatment of trauma and PTSD, mood issues including sadness, depression and anxiety, adjustment difficulties, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, performance anxiety, relationship difficulties and phase of life issues. She is an ally to members of LGBT-QPlus and other minority communities. Marnie provides consultation to EMDR therapists and provides consultation and supervision to clinicians wanting to be eating disorder-informed, trauma-informed providers and those seeking eating disorder certification.