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{ABOUT Marnie}

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Marnie Davis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Consultant, Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. Marnie also has specialized training in Brainspotting and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program. She is the current Continuing Education co-chair for the Central Florida iaedp Chapter and has previously served as president and other various board positions. Marnie is owner of a private practice in Maitland, Florida, where she specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, disordered eating, body image disturbance and body dysmorphia, trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression and other co-occurring issues. Marnie has experience working in higher level of care settings and is a Health at Every Size informed clinician, respecting body diversity and creating a body affirming therapeutic environment. Marnie is a seasoned presenter and enjoys speaking to various audiences and engaging/offering advanced trainings to other EMDR and non EMDR therapists on the treatment of eating disorders. Marnie contributed as a chapter author in a newly revised, 2nd edition book, Trauma-informed Approaches to Eating Disorders. Marnie served as board member for the Eating Disorders Network of Central Florida (EDNCF) for over 10 years. She joined the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, as an Orlando Affiliate to continue to fundraise, advocate, and promote help, support and recovery for all. Marnie is a volunteer for the Greater Orlando Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) and holds community service, social justice and continued hope for healing in high regard .Marnie enjoys meeting with clients in her private practice and working collaboratively with individuals of varying cultures, ethnicities and sexual orientations, while honoring their stories and their described experiences. 

Marnie will be presenting at the EMDRIA Summit 2024 on April, 19th, 2024 - A 2.5 hour presentation on Nurturing the Dance of Healing: Eating Disorders and EMDR. Be sure to register and check it out! 

As mentioned above, Marnie and her friends and colleagues from EDNCF spent 10 years raising awareness on eating disorders recovery and fundraising to provide treatment scholarships for individuals in need in the Orlando community. Together, they hosted ten Eating Disorder Awareness Walks and supported the message of full recovery to all who joined each year in their community. .A few years ago, members of EDNCF and HOPE joined together to become the Orlando Alliance Affiliate with the The National Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness. We did this in hopes of expanding our ability to improve access to care for those seeking treatment and expand support services, in the Orlando area.  Marnie holds a chair position within the Orlando Affiliate and enjoys her ongoing opportunities to volunteer, fundraise, advocate,, educate and coordinate community awareness and pro-recovery events. in her community. The past events and community support initiatives have included a Rally for Recovery, Courses in Conversation Fundraising and Awareness event, Scale Smash and Smash Talk Panel at Rollins College and hosting free, adult, in-person, facilitator-led, gender-inclusive, pro-recovery eating disorder support groups and Friends and Family/Loved Ones Support Groups ,  Alliance eating disorder support groups in the Orlando area.  Marnie has been involved in eating disorder awareness, advocacy and fundraising for many years and continues to strive to foster support, kindness and hope for healing for all.  Marnie is honored to serve as an Orlando Alliance Affiliate Volunteer. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Alliance’s mission; outreach, education, early intervention, support and advocacy for all. 

Upon graduation, Marnie spent several years working in a higher level of care setting focused on the treatment of eating disorders. Marnie loved her time in an IOP/PHP setting and working amongst a comprehensive team of providers.  She worked as a group facilitator at Blue Horizon Eating Disorder Services, leading a variety of groups including DBT, psychoeducation, creative art, friends and family, meal experientials , meal process, and after care support groups. She also facilitated family sessions, meal experientials and friends and family educational sessions with adolescent, teen and adult age patients and their families. Case management and collaborative treatment planning were involved in her daily responsibilities. 

Marnie completed her internship at Rollins College Counseling and Psychological Services, gaining experience working with college-age students with varying issues including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, academic struggles, trauma, eating disorders, impulsivity, and social difficulties. She completed her prepracticum hours at Center for Drug Free Living and assisted with intake/assessment protocol and listening ad supporting those who were seeking help with their addictions. Marnie completed a mindfulness based practicum experience at the Hope Center located in Apopka, FL providing counseling and support for children and families of migrant workers.


Prior to gaining her masters degree in counseling, Marnie was employed for over 15 years as a Health Educator in the New York and Central Florida area. She provided educational opportunities to elementary, middle and high school students and members of the surrounding communities. Marnie has always demonstrated compassion and genuineness when working with individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds. She has passionately dedicated her life to empowering individuals and assisting children, teens and adults in living quality lives. 


During her time as a Health Educator, Marnie developed and implemented a community program aimed at empowering individuals to accept themselves as they are and embrace their authentic talents, strengths and beauty. Marnie also acted as camp director for 13 years, planning, implementing and hosting summer camps for students from the rural and underserved areas of Central Florida.


Marnie holds social justice and ally work with high regard. She believes in standing alongside individuals who are members of target and minority populations and advocating against discrimination, oppression and inequality. 


Marnie enjoys opportunities to speak to variety of individuals in a variety of professions, levels of study and experience, environments, and professional organizations including local and international. Marnie has appreciated and continues to appreciate the opportunity to present and train local graduate students at both Rollins College and Stetson Clinical Mental Health Program. She has enjoyed growing her presentation and training presence across the country, presenting to both EMDR and non-EMDR clinicians on topics related to eating disorders, self-injury, EMDR, parts work, trauma-informed approaches and strategies, strength-based approaches, the power of fostering adaptive resources, and engaging curiosity, understanding and compassion into the dance of healing. A few of Marnie's trainings have been offered and are currently available through Envision Workshops as pre-recorded webinars, including a 4-hour training for EMDR clinicians Eating Disorders, Ego States and EMDR: Engaging in the Dance. Marnie is excited to be presenting a 2.5 hour presentation at the upcoming EMDRIA Summit 2024 on April, 19th in Washington, Nurturing the Dance of Healing: Eating Disorders and EMDR.  Marnie has a long history of speaking at recovery walks and educating and promoting body respect and body kindness to community members, health department staff, teachers and school staff, coaches, and students of all ages. 

Marnie is a volunteer for the Greater Orlando Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) and provides pro bono counseling to those affected by local disasters. TRN is sponsored by Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs.


Professional Affiliations:

Member of American Counseling Association (ACA)

Member of Mental Health Counselors of Central Florida (MHCCF)

Member of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing International Assoc. (EMDRIA) 

Member of International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP)

President of iaedp Central Florida Chapter

Volunteer for The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness - Orlando Affiliate Chair

Volunteer for IDignity

Volunteer for Equality Florida

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