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Marnie enjoys engaging in a variety of speaking, presenting, training experiences on a variety of topics and for various types and sizes of audiences. Marnie was a teacher in her first career and engaging participants in a training experience comes naturally to Marnie. 



Current Speaking Presentations and Trainings offered:


  • Featured Speaker at outreach, fundraising, advocacy and recovery focused community events. 

    • Accessing Your Inner Superhero in Recovery

  • Presenter at local graduate/counseling programs on the 

    • Understanding and Treatment of Eating Disorders


  • Presenter for local and larger organizations on 

    • Understanding Self Harm and its Impact on the Family

  • Presenter for local and larger community organizations, mental health centers and other groups on 

    • Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders and the Trauma that Lies Beneath

  • Presenter/Trainer for EMDR therapists on 

    • Eating Disorders, Ego States, and EMDR: Engaging in the Dance - a four hour advanced training and webinar, currently accessible at Live and in-person trainings available upon request

  • Presenter/Trainer for non-EMDR therapists

    • Eating Disorders, Ego States, and EMDR: An Introduction to the Dance - An hour and half training for both EMDR and non-EMDR clinicians


Please reach out to Marnie if you are interested in scheduling or attending an upcoming training. Be sure to check back often to learn about new, upcoming trainings. 

For more information regarding EMDR Trainings go to : 

If you have any questions about the above go HERE


Thank you!

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