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Marnie enjoys providing Basic and Advanced Consultation Services along with iaedp Approved Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) Consultation. 

Basic EMDR Consultation

Marnie has provided consultation services to meet the EMDR Basic Training Ten Sessions in the past.  She is currently not partnered with a Basic Trainer. When available, scheduling options are provided during your basic training experience or you can reach out to Marnie directly to discuss. Payment for the 10 sessions is usually included in your basic training package. Please check back for updates regarding Basic EMDR Consultation opportunities. 


Advanced EMDR Consultation

Marnie provide opportunities for Advanced EMDR Consultation Services on an individual and group basis. If interested, please call or email to schedule a consultation session. 


EMDR Certification Consultation

Marnie provides both individual and group consultation for EMDR trained providers seeking EMDRIA Certification. The certification process is an exciting growth process that requires at least 20 consultation hours with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, 10 of which must be individual consultation sessions. Marnie enjoys the consultation experience and looks forward to assisting you on your path towards certification. Fees varies based on individual or group services. To find out more, please contact Marnie via email or phone. 


Eating Disorder Treatment Consultation Services

Marnie offers consultation to providers seeking to expand their understanding and advance their skillset in the treatment of eating disorders. Marnie enjoys helping others learn the treatment of eating disorders by inviting in a curious, trauma-informed, parts-informed, strength based, integrative, comprehensive and collaborative approach. Please reach out to Marnie, to schedule a consultation session. 

CEDS Consultation Services

Marnie offers consultation for providers seeking to become iaedp Certified Eating Disorder Specialists (CEDS.) The certification process usually takes at least 2 years and includes monthly consultation with an iaedp CEDS-Consultant in group or individual format. If interested in learning more, please reach out to Marnie via email or phone. Learn more about CEDS Certification process by visiting

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